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5 Ways To Cut Tile - Everything You Need To Know For Your First Tile Project - Video

Martin Vronsky

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In this video you'll learn how to cut tile. More specifically, five common ways to cut tile using five different tools. 

You'll learn how to cut ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, granite tile, glass mosaic tile, and other natural stone tiles

Sometimes the key doing a project well is simply having the right tools and using them at the right time. Here you'll unlock that critical knowledge so you can get started on your first tile project with confidence. 

First, you'll learn how to cut ceramic tile using a manual tile cutter, which scores the tile and then snaps the tile. You'll see me cut both subway tile and larger ceramic tile. You'll also see me attempt to cut some porcelain tile and fail. And finally, you'll see how to cut mosaic tile using a manual tile cutter.

Next, you'll learn about the wet table saw, which is very helpful when making a lot of straight, smooth cuts. A wet saw can be used for pretty much any type of tile other than glass tile which will shatter if you try to cut it and must be scored and snapped. 

Then, I'll demonstrate the hand-held manual tile cutter, and I'll explain this tool is useless garbage.

Then I'll demonstrate a diamond hole saw cutting through both soft ceramic tile, and a thicker, harder tile made of porcelain. I'll also demonstrate how to make faster cuts and get the hole saw to last longer without burning out.

And finally, I'll demonstrate cutting tile with a 4 inch angle grinder with a diamond blade on it. You'll see why this method isn't the best for making clean straight cuts, but it does have it's place when making complicated or curved cuts in tile. 

By the end of this video you'll go from complete tile beginner to having the knowledge to tile like a pro. You'll learn how to reduce dust when cutting tile, how to get the smoothest edge when cutting tile, and exactly which tools you need to get the job done.


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